Jeff Bridges Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Jeff Bridges
Iconic actor Jeff Bridges revealed Monday that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma. The actor announced the diagnosis on his official Twitter account, stating that he is already getting treatment for the life-threatening illness.
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Man 3D Prints Own Skeleton

British programmer Paul Curry 3D printed multiple small copies of his own skeleton as a coping mechanism after being diagnosed with cancer.
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Being Heavy May Help Men With One Type of Cancer [STUDY]

Of more than 2,500 U.S. veterans with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, men who were obese at diagnosis had only about two-thirds the risk of dying during the study period that normal-weight men had, after considering other factors like age and overall health.
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Taylor Stevens, Porn Star, Distracts Devils Coach Peter DeBoer At Stanley Cup Final Playoffs [VIDEO]

There was quite a stir at the Stanley Cup final game four on Wednesday, but not because of the New Jersey Devils' 3-1 victory over the L.A. Kings in the playoffs, but rather a viral video of porn star Taylor Stevens distracting coach Peter DeBoer from behind the glass. NBC cameras caught video footage of coach DeBoer looking up at the scoreboard. Problem is, the cameramen panned far enough to the left to include Stevens' breasts pressed up against the glass, something DeBoer appear...
Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi

Tony Iommi Cancer: How Music Therapy Gives Hope to Black Sabbath Guitarist

Music has been referred to as a universal language, but it might also be known as a universal medicine. It did so for lead guitarist Tony Iommi on the fateful day of Jan. 9, when he told the world he had just been diagnosed with an early stage of lymphoma, which has a 30 percent survival rate after 5 years for Iommi's age bracket. But for Iommi, now 63, support from his fans and the drive to keep writing music help him to persevere.
Some 300,000 PIP implants, which are used in cosmetic surgery to enhance breast size or replace lost breast tissue, were sold worldwide before PIP went bust last year.

French Breast Implant Fears Spread Around World

Fears over the safety of silicone breast implants made by a now defunct French firm spread to Australia, South America and across Europe on Thursday as French officials prepared to decide if thousands of women should have their implants surgically removed.
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Spartacus marathon will honor late actor

The Starz network has scheduled a special marathon of Spartacus: Blood and Sand to honor the series' breakout star, 39-year-old Andy Whitfield, who died on September 11 after a battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.


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