Sony just announced two officially licensed pro controllers for the PlayStation 4, the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution. Both controllers will be released later this year, but Sony has not revealed pricing or an exact release date just yet.

One of the things that Microsoft’s Xbox One has over Sony’s PlayStation 4 is that it actually has Xbox One Elite controllers which are designed for “pro” gamers. There may already be knockoff PS4 controllers right now, but those aren’t licensed by Sony. Instead of building its very own “Elite” controllers for the PS4, Sony has taken a different approach by partnering with Razer and Nacon to build “pro” PS4 controllers.

Razer Raiju The Razr Raiju comes with a control panel up front for managing voice chats. Photo: Sony PlayStation EU

The Razer Raiju looks pretty similar to Sony’s DualShock 4 controller, albeit a bit wider and chunkier in size. The idea here is for better ergonomics and adding customization options for users. All the buttons that are on the DualShock 4 are present on the Raiju even the touchpad up front.

Razer Raiju The Razer Raiju comes with extra triggers and bumpers on the back. Photo: Sony PlayStation EU

The Razer Raiju has an extra row of buttons up front for managing voice chat, while on the back it has two extra triggers and bumpers, as pointed out by The Verge. The two analog sticks also come with removable rubber caps for better grip. In terms of customization, the Razer Raiju comes with two custom profiles which users can easily switch and modify, according to Sony.

The Nacon Revolution looks more like an Xbox One Elite controller. The placement of the left thumbstick is now on the top half of the controller, while the D-Pad is on the lower half. Speaking of the D-Pad, it’s now eight-way directional instead of just four. There’s also four additional shortcut buttons on the back.

With eSports players in mind, the Nacon Revolution comes with a PC app where users will be able to configure the controller. Users will be able to re-map buttons and adjust analog/trigger sensitivity. By default, users will be able to switch between four custom profiles.

Nacon Revolution The Nacon Revolution's D-Pad/Thumbstick layout is similar to the Xbox One Elite controller. Photo: Sony PlayStation EU

Both the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution will be available sometime during the holiday season. Interested buyers can go to Razer’s website to get an email notification on the Raiju’s availability. Nacon hasn’t set up a notification process yet on its website. The Xbox One Elite controller costs $150, so pricing for the Raiju and Revolution should play around that same price point.

Nacon Revolution The Nacon Revolution comes with four extra shortcut buttons. Photo: Sony PlayStation EU