Sony Play Station Network is still down after the May 8 deadline for the restoration, but the company hopes it will be up within the next few days.

After hackers have attacked and stole about 77 millions of account information, including some 25 million credit card information, on April 20, Sony has closed down its PlayStation Network service, restricting millions of its online gamers to play only offline. Sony has also shut down the Qriocity, which is a music streaming service. To add onto this frustration, Sony is vague on exactly when the system may be restored.

Patrick Seybold, the Senior Director of Corporate Communication and Social Media of Sony, wrote on PlayStaion blog on Tuesday: I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can't give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days.

To make up for the disconnected service, Sony has promised several plans. According to the apology letter from the Sony CEO and President Howard Stringer on May 5, Sony is to provide to its PSN customers a free one year subscription to AllClear ID Plus identity theft protection and a free one month of PlayStation Plus membership.