The former Anglican archbishop of Cape Town Desmond Tutu waits to receive the 2013 Templeton Prize at the Guildhall in central London, May 21, 2013. REUTERS/Paul Hackett

South African cleric and anti-apartheid icon Desmond Tutu was readmitted to hospital on Saturday to treat an infection following a surgery last week, his family said.

Tutu, the former Anglican archbishop of Cape Town, was discharged from hospital on Wednesday after a successful surgery to treat recurring infections that have afflicted him in the past.

"The archbishop underwent the surgical procedure 10 days ago to address the cause of recurring infections resulting from past treatment received for prostate cancer," the family said in a brief statement.

"The archbishop was readmitted on Saturday as a precaution after his surgical wound had shown signs of infection."

The 84-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner spoke against white-minority rule from his pulpit, earning him global acclaim.