Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla playfully told Mars to behave after the Red Planet teased about what it has been doing in the past billion years. The strange exchange between Musk and Mars began after the latter commented on the case of Ann McClain, the former NASA astronaut who was accused of committing the first crime in space.

The playful banter between Mars and Musk happened via Twitter. It began after a Twitter account for Mars commented on the ongoing case involving McClain. According to Independent, McClain’s estranged wife accused her of hacking into her bank account while using a NASA computer aboard the International Space Station.

If found guilty, McClain would be the first person who committed a crime in space.

While on the subject of space crimes, the account teased about the Red Planet’s past.

As previous studies have shown, Mars has gone through rough changes over the past billion years. Through samples studied by NASA’s rovers, it was revealed that Mars appeared differently in the past. Due to evidence pointing to the existence of liquid water on the Red Planet, it has been speculated that Mars may have once been a habitable planet.

However, through the years, Mars went through drastic changes that significantly altered the planet’s surface. Now, the planet appears like a barren desert that’s incapable of supporting life.

In response to the tweet made by Mars, Musk teased the account by calling it a naughty planet. The exchange between the two prompted their followers to post their own humorous comments regarding the relationship between Mars and Musk.

For a while now, Musk has been very focused on colonizing Mars. Recently, the tech mogul brought up the idea of detonating numerous nuclear bombs on Mars in order to terraform it and make it habitable for humans. Musk then backtracked on this idea and proposed sending reflector satellites instead to make the Red Planet warmer.

Aside from these, Musk’s SpaceX is also working on a rocket that will provide commercial transportation services to Mars. The company is currently going through the test phase for the rocket’s prototype known as Starhopper.