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Best SEO Companies in Chicago, IL 2021

Local searches affect businesses in ways they could never imagine. In 2019, local search engine optimization (SEO) was among those that drove traffic into small businesses. It was recorded that growth in mobile queries about the nearest shops grew by about 200% in the past two years. 

This strategy is also effective among businesses with limited reach. It allows them to easily attract customers beyond traditional word-of-mouth marketing.

This digital marketing strategy can help make any business stand out, if implemented well. According to the statistics from the Illinois Small Business Economic Profiles for 2018, there are about 1.2 million small businesses in Illinois. With such figures at hand, it is no doubt that the competition for small businesses is aggressive. Therefore, standing out and leaving an imprint on customers is the way to go.

Businesses looking for a unique advantage can check out these highly recommended SEO companies in the Windy City.

Best SEO Companies in Chicago, IL 2021


Northcutt is a Chicago-based SEO company that was acquired by Leaseweb USA in 2016. Some of its most known clients are Blue Cotton, American Addiction Centers, Ministry of Supplies, and Simple Textin.

Acquired by Leaseweb USA in 2016, Northcutt started operating as a firm focused on providing SEO campaign services. It has then evolved its business and expanded to eCommerce and cloud computing services. 

The firm believes approaching SEO must be with the use of science mixed with years of experience and full transparency - making it stand out among its competitors. As SEO has different branches, the agency specializes in strategy development, scientific content testing, and mobile experience audits among others. 

Blue Cotton, American Addiction Centers, Ministry of Supplies, and Simple Textin are some of the clients under their belt. They have been featured in Moz, Hubspot, and VentureBeat.


OneIMS is a Chicago-based digital firm. It has worked with companies such as Whitney Medical Solutions, EPAY Systems, and Althea Spa.

With over 60 years of combined experience, OneIMS believes that its mission is to come up with the most effective and efficient Integrated Marketing Solution to suit the needs of their clients. 

It is composed of over 100 certified digital marketing professionals who can provide the online presence that any business will need. It follows the 3 C approach in reaching out to any of its clients’ customers - connecting, communicating, and captivating. This strategy has been proven effective for both agency and client. 

OneIMS stands out against other digital marketing firms because of its 5D Process. The agency believes that it a systematic and effective process that aids their clients to better achieve their goals. The process starts with discovering the challenges of the client. Then, it moves to defining a goal and developing a strategy for it. 

What’s left is to deploy the campaign and deliver successful results. The agency has worked on several campaigns including Whitney Medical Solutions, EPAY Systems, and Althea Spa. It has also collaborated with big companies like Samsung, Costco, and Salesforce. 

It has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, LinkedIn and Business Insider. They are also a Google Partner and a Hubspot Platinum Partner.

Zadro Web

Zadro Web is a digital firm established in 2007. The agency has worked with industry leaders like Lotus Networks, Mobile Glass Co., and Total Health Institute.

Zadro Web's mission is to help any kind of business grow its online presence. It is a digital marketing and web development agency that offers services like web design and development, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click marketing. 

The agency started in 2007 as an IT services firm called Zadro Solutions. Its main business was server technologies, which would eventually be the company’s strongest asset in its SEO campaign service. In 2013, Zadro fully embraced digital marketing after seeing success in SEO.  

The company worked with businesses of all sizes and who are present in different industries. It collaborated with signage company Alphabet Shop in cleaning and updating the company’s website to make it more corporate. 

Zadro Web was also involved in the digital marketing campaigns of Lotus Networks, Mobile Glass Co., and Total Health Institute. They have been featured in Website Magazine, Lifehack, and SemRush.

Straight North, LLC

Straight North, LLC has been in the digital marketing business since 1997 and has helped many of their clients ever since. Some of these clients are Virginia Spine Institute, TPC Corp., and PVC Fittings Online.

Described as a full-service Internet marketing firm, Straight North distinguishes itself from the competition as an agency that delivers measurable marketing campaigns that attract the right customers, convert them into leads and helps push businesses growth. 

The firm prides itself as a local online marketing specialist, an expert in eCommerce traffic and revenue generation, and a highly transparent company. The agency has been offering digital marketing services since 1997. Its current range of services includes SEO, PPC, digital advertising, and email marketing. 

Its local SEO service allows small businesses to tailor-fit its strategy according to the objective of the client - aligning it with the overall goal. The agency takes advantage of a different set of tools to make the most of any local SEO campaign. 

Straight North collaborated with several companies to come up with successful SEO campaigns. Their clients include Aligned Modern Health which saw improvement in its organic search visibility by optimizing the healthcare provider’s main services pages. 

Coming up with a keyword-optimized content for its website, the project became a success! Other clients include Virginia Spine Institute, TPC Corp., and PVC Fittings Online. Their content has also been published in Forbes, Moz, and Salesforce.

Comrade Web Agency

Comrade Web Agency is an SEO company that also offers digital marketing services like web design and development. It is listed by Google as a Google Partner, which says a lot about the company's credibility.

Based in Chicago, Comrade Digital Marketing was founded in 2008 and has been serving clients globally across a range of industries, helping them achieve their revenue goals through advanced digital marketing strategies and award-winning web development.

What makes Comrade such a unique digital marketing agency is its expertise in web design and development as well as all current digital marketing strategies. In this case, rather than hiring an SEO company, a web design agency, and separate developers, copywriters and staff to manage PPC campaigns, Comrade benefits clients from executing on every single one of their web development and marketing needs, completely in house.

Comrade's portfolio speaks volumes and its stellar track record consistently growing clients' revenue year after year has earned the agency numerous accolades, including the prestigious awards and media mentioning. The firm's philosophy is to partner with clients and truly invest in their futures, forging long-lasting business relationships that yield considerable ROI.


KitelyTech is a premier digital marketing company in Chicago. Increased visibility and better leads are what clients can expect from this agency.

Established in 2009, KitelyTech is a full-service technology consulting, development and design firm with offices in downtown Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, Austin, Charlotte, Phoenix and Miami.

The core strengths of the company is in their vision — transparency, customer service, efficient execution, and organization. It boasts of a team of highly-skilled designers & developers, architects, project managers and testers, all recruited through an exceptionally rigorous process. Each employee puts the client first and makes sure to deliver quality service on time, every time.

Its services include Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Development, Branding and Graphic Design, Local and National SEO, Telemedicine Development, E-Learning Development, E-Commerce Development, Web Design, Web Development, AI & AR, SaaS-Based Application Development, Reporting & Data Analysis, Quality Assurance, Salesforce Consulting & Development and more. 

KitelyTech has worked with multinational ad agencies and clients ranging from SMB’s to Fortune 100’s companies.

KitelyTech has significant awards and recognitions under its belt including Clutch 1000 in 2020, Top B2B Service Provider in the World in The Clutch 1000 Listing, and Scintillating Software Development Services Featured at Good Firms.

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