• Only PS5 owners on the beta version program can install an SSD on their console
  • The expansion slots of those who aren't in the program are not yet activated
  • Only two makers have confirmed their SSDs are compatible with the PS5

Sony has finally enabled the Solid State Drive (SSD) expansion on PS5, so gamers can now use the new generation storage device on their console. For those who don't know how it is installed, this guide may come in handy. It will also give some information on PlayStation architect Mark Cerny's SSD of choice, which can be of help.

How to Install SSD on PS5

Before installing a new SSD on the PS5, owners should find out which products are compatible with their console, first. Sony previously shared a long list of requirements for SSD and so far, only two makers have confirmed their storage devices are compatible with the PS5: Western Digital and Seagate.

Once they have a compatible SSD, they need to check first if the beta system is already installed on their PS5. To do this, they should go to Settings then System.

They should then look for System Software then Console Information. At this point, users can check if their console has the beta system version.

After confirming, users should press and hold the power button for three seconds to switch off the console.

A gamer plays on the new Sony Playstation PS5 at his home in Seoul in November 2020 shortly after the coveted console was launched A gamer plays on the new Sony Playstation PS5 at his home in Seoul in November 2020 shortly after the coveted console was launched Photo: AFP / Yelim LEE

They should remove all devices and cables connected to the console afterward. It is important to wait for the console to cool down before doing anything.

When the console has cooled down, it is time to open the PS5 and detach its cover to find the expansion slot. The new SSD should then be attached while making sure that it's screwed in place. Once this step is complete, users can return the console's cover. 

Sony recommends using a flashlight during the installation process so owners can clearly see what they are doing. Installing the SSD also requires a size 1 Phillips or cross-head screwdriver. 

As of writing this, Sony said only PS5 beta users can install a new SSD. Unfortunately, for those who are not in the beta program, their expansion slot has not been activated yet.

It's also worth noting that Sony has a step-by-step guide available on its support page on how to properly install the SSD. 

Cerny's SSD of Choice

Choosing the right SSD for PS5 can be a challenging task for some. Good thing, they can turn to industry experts for some guidance. One such person is Cerny who designed the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and PS5 hardware.

On Sunday, Cerny shared he had chosen the Western Digital Black SN850 with Heatsink for his SSD. The 500 GB version of the said model retails for $139.99, while its 1 TB edition costs $249.99. As for the 2 TB variant, it comes with a price tag of $429.99.

There are much cheaper versions of this SSD model available in the market, but they do not have heatsinks. Sony recommends getting a compatible SSD with heatsinks.