• "Abandoned" is a survival horror game
  • It is currently in development at Blue Box Game Studios
  • "Abandoned" will release on PS5 and Microsoft Windows

Blue Box Game Studios shared a new teaser for its upcoming PS5 game "Abandoned" Tuesday, which triggered fans to speculate the game is actually a "Metal Gear Solid" title.

Among them is the Russian gaming journalist and industry insider Anton Loginov. According to him, the upcoming PS5 title from Blue Box Game Studios is, in fact, a new entry in Hideo Kojima's "Metal Gear" series. The claim surfaced following the developer's tweet asking fans if they are ready along with a photo showing the game's title and a background with a blurred image.

"Are you ready? We are!" the tweet read.

The obscured image shows a character wearing an eye patch, which is seemingly a nod to Big Boss of the "Metal Gear" series. The Russian insider believes that "Abandoned" is actually "Metal Gear Solid 6." He also claimed that Konamo is currently working on the sequel and noted that someone deliberately replicated Kojima's marketing style.

Abandoned - Announcement Teaser | PS5
Abandoned is an cinematic horror survival shooter that emulates realistic survival in first person perspective set in an massive detailed open world environment. PlayStation Official YouTube channel

The insider also suggested that Konami could be preparing for the announcement of a remake. Loginov has earned his reputation in the industry because of the leaks he provided fans with about upcoming releases. He leaked about the PC ports of "Death Stranding" and "Horizon Zero Dawn" before the official announcements were made. He also previously revealed that "Bloodborne Remaster" could roll out to PC and PS5 soon.

Blue Box Game Studios has repeatedly denied it is connected with Hideo Kojima. However, it looks like it was not enough to dissuade fans from forming theories and speculating about "Abandoned" and Kojima. While the chances of the upcoming PS5 title being a Kojima title is slim, the constant connections of Blue Box Game Studios with Hideo Kojima is getting increasingly intriguing.

The latest "Abandoned" teaser is available and fans can now pre-load the "Abandoned Realtime Experience."

However, fans should not expect more as it will not go live until Aug. 10.

"Abandoned" is a survival horror game currently in development at Blue Box Game Studios which is slated to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The upcoming title is set to launch on PS5 and Microsoft Windows.