Star Wars Battlefront -- Darth Vader
Darth Vader will be one of the playable "hero/villain" characters in Star Wars Battlefront, but only in certain game types. Electronic Arts

Even with the extension of the “Star Wars Battlefront” beta, the period still only lasted essentially less than a week. However, that did not stop fans from achieving quite a lot in that span of time. Electronic Arts acknowledged the activity of the fans, calling the “Star Wars Battlefront” one of the biggest beta in the history of EA.

In a neat infographic, the publisher had given the stats of “Star Wars Battlefront’ for the beta. The number of participants totaled to 9.5 million, with 1.6 billion minutes spent playing for the entirety of the beta. Over 780,000 walkers were destroyed, while the E-11 blaster killed over 293 million.

“Our team is working to get ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ ready for launch, and we look forward to sharing updates coming out of the Beta soon,” said EA over the official Star Wars website.

Fans, who enjoyed the Hoth map, may have experienced playing the hero as Luke Skywalker or the villain as Darth Vader. The spawns for both are closely matched, with Vader leading by a slight margin at 5,938,148. Skywalker was close at 5,904,806 spawns. Overall, the villain’s main move, Force Choke managed to kill over 1,379,000 times.

EA also had prepared some footage for fans who missed the beta. Over at the link, there are some videos showing off ground and aerial vehicle battles, the Survival missions and some shooting scenes. Below is a footage showing off how it feels to play as Vader or Skywalker in “Star Wars Battlefront.”

Additionally, another footage from the publisher features Boba Fett’s and Han Solo’s vehicles in action in the game, as spotted by Gamerant. This is among the first trailers that feature the new playable character, recently confirmed to come to “Star Wars Battlefront.”

Playing as Vader and Skywalker in "Star Wars Battlefront" (Credit: YouTube/jackfrags)