Star Wars Battlefront Promotional Art
Promotional art is seen for the highly anticipated "Star Wars Battlefront" from EA Games and Dice.

Now that “Star Wars Battlefront" is officially on sale, you might be eager to jump straight into Electronic Arts’ mega-popular online shooter. But it’s a big galaxy out there, and there’s a few things you should know before you go online.

1. Patience, you must have.

“Star Wars Battlefront” is a brand new title, but as with any competitive shooting game, there’s going to be an uneven distribution of skill. Some players will be better positioned to succeed from the beginning (those who played the public beta extensively, and veterans of the “Battlefield” sister series who are used to the controls), but new players don’t start with much to their name.

You’re likely going to die quite often at first, especially as you feel out the equipment you get. Don’t be discouraged by this -- the first step to being good is failure. “Battlefront” is designed to be casual, so don’t worry if it takes you a few matches to get your first kill.

2. Teamwork.

Sure, there’s always a bit of teamwork in every multiplayer shooter, but others will let you be a one man tornado if you practice. “Battlefront’s” core modes, however, often have twenty people on each team so unless you’re playing as Luke or Darth Vader, you’re going to have one hell of a time trying to take down six or seven people in the span of ten seconds. Battlefront may have quick respawns (further increasing the number of bodies thrown at you), but the blasters fire slowly and overheat after a few consecutive shots. Work with your team members and roam the map in squads if you want to stand a chance, because you can bet your enemies won’t show up to a fight solo.

3. Respect your surroundings.

Generally, no team has any particular advantage on any particular maps in online shooters. “Battlefront” is a little different -- you’re not playing as a random soldier, wearing clothes from the same color palette as every other team. You’re playing as a Stormtrooper in a bright white uniform, or a Rebel soldier wearing earth tones. On the snow fields of Hoth, the Empire’s white armor blends in but the Rebels are easy to spot and pick off. Rebels can easily hide in the brush and trees of Endor, while the Stormtroopers bumble around like Redcoats looking for American guerilla fighters. Use the environments to your advantage, and don’t make it easy for your opponents to pick you off.

4. Diversify your Star Cards.

Star Cards are “Battlefront’s” version of perks, allowing you to customize your soldier’s abilities. You’ve got none to start, but after two or three matches you’ll have enough points to buy your grenade perk. You’ll have to spend points you earn from matches to buy each new Star Card though you’ll have to be certain levels to buy them as well. This is a pretty slow process, so take your time learning with each new thing you unlock to see if it fits with your play style. You should keep multiple “hands” of cards once you have an array unlocked, so you can better tailor your soldier to the map you’re on (a jet pack won’t do you any good indoors!)