U.S. President Barack Obama gives a thumbs-up as he celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a pint of Guinness in 2012. Obama will give his annual State of the Union address Tuesday night. Reuters

President Barack Obama will give his State of the Union address Tuesday night, and the American way is to drink as you watch. It'll take Obama about an hour to review the year and announce programs like free community college, required sick leave and cheaper housing, so several websites have put together State of the Union drinking games.

Here's a guide to a few of the best from around the Web. Remember to drink responsibly -- and make sure it's domestic.

The basic: This drinking game gives you levels of intoxication to choose from. It suggests drinking every time Obama does a karate chop with his hand -- beware, he did it 46 times last year -- or whenever he says "economy" -- usually about 14 times in a speech. Take a sip if Vice President Joe Biden starts a round of applause and "get drunk" if Obama hugs someone in his cabinet. Chug if something Obama says inspires a standing ovation from Democrats only or Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg falls asleep. See the full rules here, courtesy of Bloomberg Businessweek.

The mild: The Washington Post wants its readers to survive to see 2016, so it created "The Most Sedate SOTU Drinking Game." Instructions include taking a sip whenever Obama praises another economic power like the European Union and taking two sips if Biden doesn't laugh when Speaker John Boehner whispers something to him. Drain your glass if Obama announces an Iran deal. See the game here.

The interactive: Cloture Club's rules get a little more complicated. You have to drink for the entire duration of Rep. Nancy Pelosi's hug with Obama, bounce a quarter into a shot glass whenever he says "free education" and take a gulp for "gas prices." If you're a Democrat watching the State of the Union with Republicans, make them drink whenever Obama gets a standing ovation. With this game, the rules might get fuzzy after a while, so Cloture Club will also be calling out drinks on its Twitter account all night. See the details here.

The competition: This game is a contest between "Team Bo" and "Team Sunny." Divide your watch party participants into groups and give them separate word lists. Team Bo has to drink whenever Obama says "Congress," "Iran," "health" or "challenge." Don't worry, Team Sunny will get sloshed, too -- drink at mention of "opportunity," the "future," "work" and the "military." Debate Drinking will tally points as the State of the Union continues. See more information here.