Steve Jobs Cafe
Worries about Steve Job's health have increased in recent weeks. Radar Online

Shortly after being photographed exiting the Stanford Cancer Clinic last week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been recorded leaving a California cafe.

The video, available via Radar Online depicts Steve Jobs walking to his car on Feb. 8. He appearsa bit unsteady on his feet. It comes ahead of two significant events this week: Apple is holding its annual shareholders' meeting on Wednesday, and Jobs will turn fifty-six on Thursday.

Since Jobs announced his medical leave in mid-January, Apple has been under significant pressure to establish a succession plan for the company's next CEO. The topic is certain to be a major one in the coming days, and especially during Wednesday's meeting.

Apple has not disclosed what exact health problems caused Jobs to take a leave from his CEO duties (he remains on the board of directors). He had a bout with pancreatic cancer in 2004 and a liver transplant in 2009.

Apple's stock closed at $350.56 on Friday, and closed at $338 on Tuesday.

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