Stockton Fire
In this photo, a City of San Bernardino Fire Department crew responds to a call in San Bernardino, California, July 12, 2012. Getty Images/David McNew

UPDATE: 2:19 a.m. EDT---

As the four-alarm fire shimmered down at Stockton, California, thanks to the relentless efforts of the firefighters, the extent of the damage has been revealed. Five houses have been burned down and several others have been impacted.

While the residents were evacuated to safety, their belongings and possessions were left behind, which have now been turned to ashes.
“All of our possessions, photographs, everything's gone,” said Dilina Rigmaiden, a resident whose house was destroyed by the fire, CBS Sacramento reported. “The worst experience. It’s the worst experience right now,” she said.

Several residents are blaming a wooden pallet company, located in the area, for their possible involvement in the fire tragedy.

“It should’ve been avoided because everyone was complaining about the pallet company in the first place,” said Rigmaiden. An investigation regarding the same is ongoing, officials said.

UPDATE: 12 a.m. EDT ---

According to the latest reports, five more houses have been engulfed by the fire Thursday and a woman has been injured. Stockton Fire Chief Erik Newman has informed that the woman suffered burns in the fire and has been rushed to a nearby hospital to seek treatment, KCRA 3 reported. The extent of her injuries is still unknown.

An evacuation center has been set up at Stribley Community Center, located at 1760 East Sonora St. Stockton, CA 95205. People who wish to reach out to the community center can call at (209) 937-7351.

Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District sent five engines to the affected area, Normangee Star reported. Trains services have also been badly affected.

Although firefighters have managed to bring the fire under control, they will be staying back at the scene overnight to closely monitor hot spots for possible flare-ups that might take place past midnight.

Investigators are still working to determine what could have caused the fire.

Original Story:

At least one house and 4 vehicles have been burned down Thursday by a massive four-alarm pallet fire that hit downtown Stockton, California, fire department officials said.

The fire was reported around 5:15 p.m. local time (8:15 p.m. EDT) at 2325 E. Weber Avenue, near B Street, close to rail yards. A pile of wood pallets near the railroad tracks caught fire, KCRA3 reported. As the reports of fire poured in, Stockton police rushed to the spot and evacuated the residents to safety.

No casualties have been reported yet as police scramble to evacuate people from nearby areas which remain in danger of getting affected by the fire. The fire, which has engulfed multiple streets in the area, has already spread to a second house and is estimated to make its way to five more, if not doused.

The blaze of the fire is being fuelled by strong winds passing through the area, according to the fire officials of Stockton, CBS SF Bay Area reported.

Meanwhile, firefighters are being forced to fight the fire from the perimeter which is slowing down their work. Traffic has been diverted as Weber Avenue to Myrtle Street and B Street to E Street is closed off by city officials.

“Mutual aid units from around the county have moved to assist those affected by the fire. Stockton firefighters are working hard in difficult circumstances to bring the situation under control,” a statement released by Stockton Firefighters Local 456 said.

The Stockton Police Department, through various social media platforms, has been warning people to avoid coming close to the area until the situation is brought under control.

No other details have emerged at this time.