• Capcom announced that four new characters are coming to "Street Fighter V"
  • One of them comes from another fighting game franchise
  • A fifth unnamed character is also coming later in the fall of 2021

Capcom has announced that “Street Fighter V” will see the return of a few familiar faces from the franchise, as well as the introduction of a new fighter from another video game series.

Capcom's social media and community specialist Dan Louie said “Street Fighter V: Champion Edition” will receive a new update that will bring Dan Hibiki, Rose and Oro into the game. Those who have been playing “Street Fighter” games in the past years will know these characters and will likely be excited to see them join the roster of fighters.

Dan Hibiki

A martial artist that made his first appearance in the franchise via “Street Fighter Alpha,” Dan Hibiki is a fan-favorite character whose taunt and funny antics have endeared him to players. The “Street Fighter V” development team said they introduced a few changes to him, including updating his taunt to become more “useful.”

“Dan’s new special move is ‘Danretsuken,’ a multiple punch attack which debuted as one of Dan’s moves in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode. Finally, Dan’s ‘Taunt’ has evolved, making it much more useful in battle!” the dev team said.


Rose is a highly-requested character who first made her appearance in the “Street Fighter Alpha” series, like Dan Hibiki. She was featured in “Street Fighter V” as a non-playable character appearing in Menat's story. Soon, fans will be able to play as her against other characters in the game.

The “Street Fighter V” dev team said Rose has been updated for the game and urges fans to wait for her arrival to see what changes have been made.


A powerful hermit from “Street Fighter III: New Generation,” Oro is a unique fighter that features one of the most unconventional playstyles in the franchise's history. Aside from having an unorthodox fighting style, the devs noted that this guy is “over 130 years old” and calls Dhalsim a “Youngster.” Fans better wait to see how he fights when he arrives.

Akira Kazama

Along with the three comes Akira Kazama from “Rival Schools,” a fighting game that was first released for the original PlayStation. Fans will note, however, that this is not the first time she has bumped fists with the “Street Fighter” cast – Sakura Kasugano once joined “Rival Schools: United By Fate” as a guest character.

The developers said that they are still working on Akira so she could continue to feature “Rival Schools' originality” while adding new ways to play.

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