• Three familiar characters and a "Rival Schools" mainstay will join the "Street Fighter V" cast
  • Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro and Akira Kazama of "Rival Schools" are the new DLC fighters in the final season of SFV
  • A mystery character will also be announced in the Fall of 2021 

Capcom is set to introduce five new DLC characters in the fifth and final season of "Street Fighter V" starting with the ever-confident Dan Hibiki.

The announcement was made during Capcom's “Street Fighter” Summer Update Livestream where developers revealed three previous “Street Fighter” characters and one from “Rival School” will add to the list of fighters in the popular fighting game.

First up is Dan, a longtime mainstay character first introduced in the “Street Fighter Alpha” series back in 1995. The master of Gadoken and Saikyo-Ryu, who was last seen on “Street Fighter IV,” will make his comeback in Winter 2020.

'Street Fighter V' Review
"Street Fighter V" was released Tuesday for the PS4 and PC. Capcom

Next is Rose, who, like Dan, made her appearance in the “Alpha” series and “Street Fighter IV.” The fortune teller will return to the fore in Spring 2021, while Oro, an ancient martial artist/hermit will be announced in Summer 2021 after his stint in “Street Fighter III: Third Strike,” said PC Gamer.

Joining Oro will be Akira Kazama, a popular pick among “Rival Schools: United by Fate” players that debuted in 1997. Akira will go alongside Sakura, another “Rival Schools” pickup to grace the “Street Fighter” stage and will bring her biker attitude to more serious competition.

“The battles in Rival Schools have something unique about them that we also want to incorporate,” said “Street Fighter V” director Takayuki Nakayama. Producer Shuhei Matsumoto also said that they are planning to add some “unique Rival Schools gimmicks” in the final season, according to IGN.

A fifth mystery character was also included in the “Street Fighter V: Championship Edition” Season V roadmap, but it offered no hint as to who it will be. The character will be announced in the Fall of 2021 together with Capcom Pro Tour 2022 stage, three costumes and an update on new battle balance.

Capcom said the new characters are still in production, but details of each will be revealed as they get closer to launch. Season V will likewise include more than 30 new character costumes and stages for Rose and Akira. The Japanese video game developer will also tweak the game's battle mechanic and balance just in time for Dan's arrival.