Steve Jobs
Staff memorial to Jobs will take place tomorrow REUTERS

Sunday, Oct. 16, was officially declared to be Steve Jobs Day by California Governor Jerry Brown. The governor tweeted an update on Saturday commending the Apple genius's brilliance in shaping powerful technologies today.

A big memorial service was held at Stanford University on Sunday evening, but the event wasn't open to the public. Silicon Valley's key figures such as Bill Gates and former U.S. President Bill Clinton were among the glitterati that attended the service.

Another memorial service will be happening later this week on Wednesday at Apple headquarters in Cupertino. This one is also closed off to the public and only Apple employees are allowed to attend.

Besides paying respect in memorials, people everywhere have been leaving small tributes, gifts, flowers, and memorabilia at their local Apple stores. As displayed on the Apple homepage now, everyone is encouraged to send their messages to an email address dedicated to Remembering Steve.