A news leak reveals the future roadmap for T-Mobile's 2011 device list that includes plenty of Android and Blackberry devices. No iPhone or Window Phones were listed suggesting they were ignored for the 2011 lineup.

The exclusion of iPhone may come as no surprise after T-Mobile said it will not offer iPhones in the immediate future due to acquisition agreements following the announced merger with AT&T. Windows Phone fans can hope that T-Mobile will follow through by offering the Nokia Windows Phone 7, but that is not confirmed at this point.

Though Windows and iPhone customers will need to look elsewhere, Android fans are in for a full lineup of smartphones and tablets starting next month. Blackberry will hold their launch of their first all-touch phone this July. Below is a preview of things to come.

HTC Sensation 4G
HTC G-Infinity
Exhibit 4G
Samsung Dumont
Samsung Gravity 4
Samsung Hercules
Mytouch 4G Slide
Blackberry's Monza
Blackberry's Bold Touch
Blackberry Apollo
LG Maxx
LG MaxxQ
LG Optimus T
Huawei E587
T-Mobile Wildfire S
T-Mobile Comet

Blackberry fans will need to wait until July 27 to get their hands on the Blackberry Monza. It is RIM's first all touch Blackberry that will run on T-Mobile. Another Blackberry included in the lineup is the Bold Touch, which will be available on Auguest 17th.

The first available Android on the list is HTC's Sensation 4G, which will likely appear in June. The smarphone will garner much attention for its 4.3 screen and dual processor. The other smartphone, the MyTouch 4G Slide, is a followup to the successful MyTouch 3G Slide. If you are looking for a Samsung smartphone, the 4.5-inch screen Hercules will be launched in September.

Other device availability dates are still not crystal clear, but the first batch this summer will keep Android and Blackberry fans occupied until the latter 2011 releases.