Fresh Report Dismisses Release of iPad 3 in January

iPad 3 Mini about to Challenge Amazon Fire ?
The iPad 3 remains one of the company's most successful products and the new version is one of the most highly anticipated tech products of 2012. However, confirmation of long-running speculations on the device's design and specs will, it seems, have to wait until Apple does actually launch the tablet.
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Apple TV: Strategy and Features

Apple executives have been speaking with large media companies about its strategy for Apple TV, indicating that it is all set to push forward into the television market.
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A dedicated iPad station is seen in front of an iPhone at the Apple store in New York

Apple’s ‘Halo Effect’ Could Spur Shares to $500: Misek

Apple’s expected unveiling of iTV a year from now, coupled with continued huge sales of iPads and iPhones should create “a halo effect” to propel shares to around $500, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek told International Business Times.
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Apple Testing iTV with AT&T, Verizon: Analyst

Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is steadily making progress on its ambition to enter consumers' living rooms, via its own television sets called iTV, which are expected to be launched in the first half of 2012.
iPhone App - Evi or Siri, Who Is a Better Assistant? (VIDEO)

Siri: Coming Soon to Apple TV?

Apple will reportedly include Bluetooth Smart on its next-generation Apple TV, which means we may see Siri and instantaneous motion-control appear on the platform.
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A Full Blown Apple TV on the Way

A full-blown Apple Smart TV is in the works, according to the Steve Jobs' biography by Walter Isaacson that reveals Jobs wanted to create a television with a simple user interface.
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iTunes Match Still Not Available

iTunes Match, the new Apple service that would allow users to access their media library via the iCloud on any device, is still not available, despite Apple's promises.
Siri-Powered Apple Television Coming in 2013? Steve Jobs’ Biography Cracks Secret

Siri-Powered Apple Television Coming in 2013? Steve Jobs' Biography Cracks Secret

Near the end of his bestseller authorized biography, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hinted that work on building a full-fledged television set with a new interface was in full swing toward the end of his days. For years, Jobs had also reportedly been pushing engineers at Apple to develop a new interface for living room TVs.
The Apple Inc. logo is seen in the lobby of New York City's flagship Apple store

Is Apple Finally Ready for a TV?

The long-awaited biography, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, was made available Monday. Isaacson briefly mentions that Jobs wanted to create a television with a simple user interface, rescuing consumers from multiple confusing remotes.
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Blockbuster's 'Stream Come True' Aims to Get Last Laugh on Netflix

Less than three months ago, Netflix had the tiger by the tail. But now, the tiger has turned and the streaming video and Qwikster DVD service is getting eaten one big bite at a time. Netflix's growth halted in July after the company stunned customers with a 60 percent price hike on streaming video and DVD-by-mail services. The high-flying company was adding thousands of new customers each week, but the way the hike was handled, which CEO Reed Hastings has now apologized for, caused customer d...
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Apple iTV Coming in 2012: Analyst

Apple Inc.'s assault on the living room likely means the introduction of its own iOS-powered television sets called iTV. Jefferies believes 2012 will see a focus on video.


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