Apple executives have been speaking with large media companies about its strategy for Apple TV, indicating that it is all set to push forward into the television market.

According to a Monday's report by Wall Street Journal (WSJ),the Cupertino company discussed its vision of Apple TV and outlined the technology of voice control and wireless streaming.

The report says Apple is working on its own TV set that will adopt the wireless streaming technology to access TV programs, movies,video games and other content.

One possible feature of the technology giant's TV set is like this. A user watched a video on the set and pauses it. Then he picks up his iPhone and continues watching the video while moving on.

Also the new technology could allow users to stream video from iPhone or iPad to their televisions, without the need for a set-top box. Currently, this is possible through its Apple TV set-top box.

According to the WSJ report, Apple has also started working on the technology to merge DVR storage and iCloud. This is aimed at leting users watch shows on different devices such as TV sets, smartphones, tablets, with computers without the need of synchronizing manually or making a purchase twice.

Another strategy is to make full use of the virtual personal assitant, Siri. New technology will incorporate Siri with Bluetooth 4.0 in a way to connect all of Apple devices wirelessly.

According to the late co-founder Steve Jobs' vision for TV, people should use remotes as less as possible. Apple's new technology would be able to respond to users' voices and movements in not only smartphones, but also tablets and TVs. And, just as iPhone 4S users are using Siri, a day may come when users of all Apple products will be able to use Siri smoothly and seamlessly.

And, instead of using a remote for each device, users would be able to use their iPhones and iPads to control their TV set and this probably will be possible because of Bluetooth 4.0's ability of instantaneously connecting multiple devices.

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