• Indie Chinese developer RocketPunch Games is bringing 'Hardcore Mecha' to the Nintendo Switch
  • The 2D side-scrolling mecha action that PS4 and PC gamers have enjoyed is set to make an October Switch debut
  • With Campaign, Multiplayer, and Survival mode, this title combines some of the best elements of past mecha action games

A side-scrolling action game out of China is coming to the Nintendo Switch this October.

Independent Chinese developer RocketPunch Games has revealed that its mecha action game “Hardcore Mecha” is jumping from the PC and PS4 to the Switch, according to Twinfinite.

With exceptional animation, great 2D graphics, and enjoyable gameplay, this game is, ironically, a product of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s China Hero Project. Despite that, it was never exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and is now apparently ready to jump consoles to Nintendo.

The game itself feels like a throwback due to its 2D side-scrolling gameplay and super-deformed (SD) art style. Players of the old “Cybernator” on the SNES will likely appreciate “Hardcore Mecha.” The combination of “Metal Slug” and “Super Robot Wars” is evident through the SD style and bombastic action.

“Hardcore Mecha” features three major game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Survival mode. Take control of the mercenary Tarethur in Campaign mode and look for the missing intelligence officer on Mars. Eight chapters and 18 stages ranging from underwater, urban settings, or outer space await players as they come face-to-face with insurgency and conspiracy amid animated cutscenes.

Not limited to operating those clunky robots, the human pilots can exit the mechas and explore the environment in some stages before engaging in more platform-based combat.

Multiplayer mode gives players many customizable mecha options while allowing for freestyle combo moves in competitive fast-paced battles between players. The title will support online Multiplayer and local split-screen for up to four players.

A bigger challenge beyond the 10-hour Campaign mode awaits in Survival mode or “Simulation Battle.” There are 40 mechas that appear in the game to choose from and your goal is to survive wave after wave of opponents looking to end your game.

Indie game developer RocketPunch Games has previously been honored with Best Indie Game and Best Platformer at the Tokyo Game Show 2016. The company also won a Jury Special at the 2016 Indie Stream Awards and Excellence in Design at the 2016 IndiePlay Awards.

The China Hero Project was launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment in mid-2016 “to locate and support developers with creativity and the ability to accomplish remarkable content for the PlayStation family,” according to Dualshockers.