The popular Target drive-up service, which saw great increases in demand during the Coronavirus Pandemic, is now giving consumers another contactless way to get their groceries without having to step foot inside the store.

According to a press release, the retailer is once again expanding on the services it provides that allow shoppers convenient options to get items they need without having to either walk inside the store at all or go too far inside. In addition to their partnership with Shipt for same-day grocery delivery, they are now offering fresh and frozen grocery items in their own Order Pickup and Drive Up services.

“We just expanded out vast pickup assortment to include fresh and frozen grocery items at more than 1,500 stores across the country. (That’s nearly 85% of our locations.)” the release says.

The rollout expands what shoppers can get through these services, which previously included beauty items, essentials, home goods and apparel. Now, with the introduction of perishable grocery items, they can also add things like milk, eggs, fresh vegetables and frozen pizza to their orders as well. In order to add them to their orders, customers would simply complete orders the same way they usually would through the website or the app, and their orders will be completed and ready in a few hours. Those who want to come inside the store can choose the option for Order Pickup, while those who prefer contactless options can utilize the company's Drive Up service instead.

As per usual, those who utilize the services can also apply savings and discounts to their orders through the Target Circle app and with their RedCards as well.

The move not only comes as many still try to cope with the ongoing Pandemic but also as shoppers could potentially be looking ahead and gearing up to (albeit revised) holiday shopping plans. Target is one of the companies which previously announced it would remain closed on Thanksgiving Day this year, allowing their employees to stay home with their families. While official plans for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving which officially kicks off the holiday season usually, have not been announced, the company id state they were going to start rolling out some of their deals in October, which will also allow them to have better control over crowds inside their stores.

Target store
Customers walk outside a Target store on Aug. 14, 2003, in Springfield, Virginia. Alex Wong/Getty Images