Target announced Wednesday that it will offer to pay college tuition for its part-time and full-time employees, joining other companies that have offered similar benefits and in a move to incentivize its workers and attract new workers in a competitive labor market.

Employees who are pursuing a qualifying undergraduate degree will be eligible to have the cost of tuition, fees, and textbooks fully paid for at 40 different institutions.

Target will also offer up to $10,000 each year to pay for advanced degrees and graduate programs for employees. The company will invest $200 million in its education program over the next four years.

The free tuition perks are a part of Target's "Target Forward sustainability strategy" which is to "create an equitable and inclusive workforce," and will start being offered this fall.

"We don’t want the cost to be a barrier for anyone, and that’s where Target can step in to make education accessible for everyone,” said Target's chief human resources officer, Melissa Kremer, according to a press release.

“Our team members are the heart of Target’s strategy and success, and we have a long history of investing in industry-leading pay, extensive benefits, and career opportunities to help our team thrive and have rewarding careers at Target.”

Some institutions students can get degrees from are the University of Arizona, Oregon State University, University of Denver, Morehouse College, and Cornell University.

The move follows similar tuition plans that Chipotle and Starbucks have instituted for employees. Walmart is one of the latest companies to add full tuition coverage. Both Target and Walmart are offering very similar education models.

Degrees that qualify to be fully covered do have to align with Target’s business model of "250 business-aligned programs." Fully covered qualifying degrees include business, computer science, information technology, and business management. If an undergraduate student would like to pursue a different degree, Target will offer a $5,250 grant.

Any Target employee in the U.S. qualifies for the perk, including workers at distribution centers and in its headquarters.

Tuition payments offered by Target will be sent directly to the institution.