A teenage boy with global developmental issues was savaged by bullies at his school in Perth, Australia. The attack resulted in a trip to the hospital.

A graphic photo shared on Facebook shows multiple streams of dried blood on the boy's face. His shirt was soaked in blood as he sat in the children's ward, with bandages around his head.

The victim, Boston Yarran, said he was cornered by three older students while he was returning home from school, news.com.au reported. They came on to him after he got off the bus and one of them proceeded to assault him physically.

The other two pulled out their phones to record the brutal incident, and verbally attacked him while he was being beaten. All three scooted away from the scene after which Yarran hurried off to a nearby skate park to seek help. He then asked his friend to call an ambulance.

At this point, Yarran's uniform, backpack, and shoes were soaked in blood which could also be seen on the footpath where the horrific assault took place. As per local reports, Yarran, who has ADHD, is too scared to take the bus again.

"He's got headaches, he's in pain, he woke up several times last night having bad dreams from the whole incident. It's traumatizing," Yarran's mother Jaycintha told 9News, .

A part of the victim's head had torn open and needed to be stapled back together.

"There was blood everywhere when I came into the room, he was hysterical, dazed, in shock still, it was awful, absolutely awful," she said detailing her son's condition in the immediate aftermath of the attack. "I'm going to be picking him up more and making sure he's close to me and safe," she was quoted by 9News, Finnoexpert reported.

The cruel attack was reported to the police. This is a developing story.

In a similar incident, a substitute teacher offered to pay students in exchange for attacking their classmates, at a Vivian, Louisiana, school. Aadriana Salean Smith, 24, offered $5 each to students "to commit battery and bully a classmate" during gym class. She was captured on video congratulating three students who participated in the attack.

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