Bandai Namco has revealed recently details about the upcoming Season Pass 2 of “Tekken 7” and the launch date of downloadable content characters Anna Williams and Lei Wulong.

Late last week, Bandai Namco published on the official Tekken channel introductory videos of Anna Williams and Lei Wulong who are set to join the game next month. Each trailer showcases the combat moves of the upcoming characters.

Anna and Lei are coming to “Tekken 7” on Sept. 6, and each downloadable content character will retail for $4.99. On the same day that the two will become available for download, Season Pass 2 will also go live. It is said to add Negan from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” to the game.

Anna and Lei were previously announced to be joining the game at EVO 2018, according to DualShockers. Aside from the two of them and Negan, three other characters are coming to the game. However, their identities remain concealed for now. The publisher is expected to announce them soon.

Gematsu has learned that the game’s Season Pass 2 will also add Easy Combo/Assist feature, rank system changes, point and gauge visualizations, as well as large-scale battle balance adjustments.

The Easy Combo/Assist mode is said to work just like how it does within the story mode. On the other hand, the updated rank system will now show players how far they are from a promotion or demotion.

The point system is going to be more competitive once Season Pass 2 arrives. Tekken Gamer reports that the system will now allow ranks closer to each other to be awarded more points. The existing system only gives substantial points when players face opponents of the same rank.

Also worth noting is the new Wall Bound mechanics that are being added to every character in the roster. In addition, each character introduced in “Tekken 7” is getting new attacks. Finally, Heihachi, Lili, Miguel, Steve and Law are getting new Rage Drives.