Abstract Details

An abstract belongs at the beginning of the report to give the reader a brief idea of the report subject. Some of the other words used interchangeably with "Abstract" include "Synopsis" and "Precis." The abstract comes in handy in academic research, where a simplified overview of a complex report is critical. Many students begin to learn how to write abstracts in high school and college.

While writing abstract pieces, the inclusion of key points and central points is necessary. An abstract can also incorporate an understanding of the ideas and implications of the research paper. Authors describe abstracts as a concise summary of the entire paper.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into the picture with digital reports and records while preparing an abstract. SEO outlines point to writing articles and reports with web traffic routing in mind. An abstract must include several keywords used throughout the detailed report. This helps digital records show up regularly in search engine results.

Example of Abstract

Stacy is writing a business proposal for her business class. The document is over 20 pages long and requires an abstract. After writing her proposal and completing all edits, she tackles writing her abstract. Stacy writes,

"This document explores the possible acquisition of Company ABC by myself and partner Jane. We are seeking to purchase Company ABC for $1,000,000 with full ownership rights. With our experience in the candle-making industry, we feel like we are an excellent fit to take Company ABC to the next level in the business's growth.

Throughout our proposal, you will read about our experience as entrepreneurs, the local market for handmade candles, and possible outsourcing to create a larger market and demand for the products made by Company ABC. At the end of the proposal, you can determine to sell to us or pass on our offer."

Significance of Abstract

Readers read through the abstract before deciding whether or not to invest their time in the detailed report. An abstract should pull readers into the piece while still giving a synopsis of the document's contents. This makes abstracts one of the most crucial aspects of the entire writing process. Since an abstract provides highlights of the paper, it should be drafted after the main report's writing process as a whole is complete.

A detailed report follows the introduction, methods, results, discussion (IMRD) structure. The first 25% of the abstract must include details from the introduction section. The following 25% should come from the methods section of the report. The remaining 50% of the abstract includes the results and implications of the research.

An abstract becomes essential, especially when writing a thesis, research papers, and dissertations. Such reports require an abstract as they can get complicated while discussing the subject. The abstract should be an independent miniature version of the report.