Tesla’s Autopilot system recently succeeded in preventing another collision, according to a car owner. The whole Autopilot system has recently been receiving flak due to the supposed unreliability and failure of the system, so it seems the system does have its ups and downs.

In the official Tesla subreddit, Reddit user Pak14Life shared his experience with the collision avoidance feature of the Autopilot system. In the video that the Tesla owner shared, the Tesla Autopilot feature kicked in in the nick of time to avoid a car which suddenly made a U-turn. The owner also said that the collision detection handled the latter part of the left swerve as the owner was sure to crash into a parked vehicle at that time.

In the past few weeks, the Tesla Autopilot system has been facing problems internally and from outside the company. The company has previously settled for damages to a former employee after a car’s Autopilot system failed and hit him anyway. Moreover, a critic noted about the Autopilot system had few problems with its systems that caused it to crash into parked cars. Lastly, many workers on the Autopilot system have left the company.

Even though the Autopilot system has its issues, it was able to win some awards as seen on their Twitter page. Tesla received a high score in the European New Car Programme (EuroNCAP) Safety Assist Category.  The company boasts the Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance, and automatic emergency breaking system features that helped them win the awards.

For now, Tesla has yet to announce if they’ll have a major update to the Autopilot system anytime soon. Most of Tesla’s plans this year are focused on releasing new vehicles such as a Model Y. This new unit is a crossover SUV whose size is in the middle of a sedan and SUV.

While its late 2019 release closes in, the company has yet to fully cement the details of the factory where its first batch will be made and the exact release date of the car. Again, waiting on Tesla is all we can do.