Tesla has internally announced its bolstered defense of its important data against potential leaks in an internal note. Historically, Tesla has tracked down leaks from former employees and is set to fire current workers who plan to leak their company files. Here’s what we know about the Tesla announcement.

According to a leaked security document obtained by CNBC, Tesla has reminded its employees of immediate termination if they’re caught leaking any company files. CNBC confirmed this internal note through Tesla employees who’ve refused to be identified.

“Tesla will take action against those who improperly leak proprietary business information or violate the non-disclosure obligations to which we all agreed. This includes termination of employment, claims for damages, and even criminal charges.” said the e-mail note, which shows the gravity of Tesla’s anti-leaking policy.

Previously, Tesla faced issues, such as a former employee sharing the company’s private data that included production numbers to journalists. In an Engadget report, the company was also willing to escalate confidential info leakers to court, judging by Tesla’s case against former employee Martin Tripp.

Potentially, the heightened actions against leaks are a reaction to the internal issues within the company brought to light by leakers. The reports include the company’s production glitches in its Fremont car plant, its rocky relationship with its battery cell supplier Panasonic, and its long service time in its service shops are among the few problems that the company had.

While this benefits the public’s knowledge, Tesla would definitely take a huge blow as their failures could potentially overpower their successes. Too much negative coverage could affect the company’s reputation and its bottom line for its future ventures.

Currently, Tesla’s upcoming project details have not been leaked. The first set of Model Y crossover SUVs are confirmed to be released later this 2019.

Meanwhile, Tesla has yet to have major details about the development of its Tesla Semi truck and its futuristic “Blade Runner” pickup truck. For now, we’ll have to wait if Tesla is successful in keeping its company data safe and secure.