Tesla only started selling its Model S electric car’s standard battery variant three weeks ago. However, this variant is not available anymore. Here’s what we know about this development.

According to Electrek, the Model S standard battery variant disappeared after only three weeks in the market. The standard battery variant costs $4,000 less than the $79,000 and $83,000 price range of the long range variant.

Previously, both the long range and standard battery variants' prices were raised and reached up to $80,000. Interested buyers had to hurry as the cutoff happened fast, and Tesla wouldn’t be making any more standard battery variants for the Model S after this time.

Since the cheapest long range model is now below $79,000, it seems to be the better pick compared to the standard battery variant. Electrek noted that Tesla’s strategy seems to have difficult patterns right now, and nobody knows what they’re planning next.

Meanwhile, Tesla has announced official and concrete details about the upcoming Model Y SUV. The new electric vehicle is confirmed to have its own standard battery variant released slated for release months after the launch of its long range version.

Potentially, Tesla could also release the new Model Y’s standard battery variant for only a few weeks, judging by its history with the Model S. However, Tesla is planning to market the Model Y as one of its affordable offerings, which could mean that the new SUV’s standard battery variant would be available for a longer period of time.

As for other Tesla offerings, the Tesla pickup truck is the next release of the electric car company. Most of its concrete official details are yet to be known, including its price range and full specs.

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the new vehicle will be given a futuristic design that the company CEO is excited to show to the public. Apparently, the design cues for this new pickup would be similar to those cars seen in cyberpunk fiction, which look different than most vehicles out in the market right now.