The Pininfarina Battista has an immensely high horsepower for an electric luxury car. Its 1,900 horsepower completely outclasses the 1,000 horsepower record that the Bugatti Veyron set years before. Here’s what we know about this incoming Tesla Model Y rival.

According to Wired, the Pininfarina Battista is a powerful electric car that exerts 475 horsepower on each of its wheels. This combined engine strength allows the vehicle to hit 62mph in two seconds and 186mph in 12 seconds. Aside from its strong specs, the car is also a luxury vehicle, complete with a beautiful interior and design, that’ll be sold to wealthy customers who want to enjoy cross country European drives.

Compared to the Tesla Model Y, the Pininfarina Battista completely dwarfs both the Tesla Model Y and Bugatti Veyron in specifications. As of now, the Tesla Model S sedan can only hit up to 162mph and has a maximum of 450 horsepower even with its new update.

However, the Tesla Model series still has an advantage over this superpowered luxury electric car. Aside from its speed, the Tesla Model series can be afforded by most people looking for an SUV.

Tesla is aiming to compete with the no. 1 SUV in the American market, the Toyota Rav-4, which is an affordable SUV that costs around $45,000. Since Tesla is planning to make the Model Y electric crossover SUV affordable, it’ll be near the Rav-4’s price range while still offering the company’s own unique modes for the car. Tesla vehicles are equipped with specific “modes” that allow the vehicle to adjust to the consumer's needs and even allow its owners to transform it into a small house when they are staying outdoors.

The Pininfarina Battista is expected to be released in 2020. Meanwhile, Tesla has yet to reveal any more details about the Tesla Model Y, though fans are eagerly waiting for its unveiling later this March. Once revealed, interested consumers will finally know more about the full details of the vehicle and its release date.

Pininfarina Ferrari
Pininfarina has been a known name among supercar makers but hasn't released a vehicle themselves up until the Battista. Pictured: A Clay Model of Ferrari J50, 2015 (front) and a wooden model of the Ferrari 365 P by Pininfarina, 1966 (L) on display at the 'Ferrari: Under the Skin' exhibition at the Design Museum on November 14, 2017 in London, England. £140M worth of Ferrari cars are featured in a major new exhibition at the Design Museum to mark the 70th anniversary of Ferrari. Getty Images/Jack Taylor