Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already laid out many details about the Model Y SUV. Mostly, the information is about the upcoming unveiling event this coming March. Here’s what else we know about the announcement.

As seen on Musk’s Twitter, the Tesla CEO himself confirmed that the Model Y unveiling event will happen on March 14 in the LA Design Studio. Musk also said that the Model Y is 10 percent bigger than the Model 3 sedan and its price tag will have a 10 percent increase as well. The true price range of Model Y is yet to be revealed, but Tesla is planning to compete against the best SUV in the American market, the Toyota RAV-4, which is known for its features and affordability.

The new Model Y is also confirmed to have less mileage despite having the same battery size as the Model 3. Currently, the Model 3 has the 50, 62, and 75 kWh battery sizes.

Those are all of the Model Y specs that Musk confirmed in his tweet. The full details of the new electric crossover SUV’s specs and pricing will be revealed during the announcement. Model Y test drives will also be offered. So far, only the car’s shape was revealed in the image of its silhouette and not much else is known about the SUV's appearance.

Musk has already said that he expects the Tesla Model Y to dominate the SUV market once its released. The SUV’s features and its other special Tesla vehicle modes are expected to target consumers who want an SUV both for city driving and outdoor excursions. Other than being an electric vehicle, Tesla’s cars are known for the extra functionalities it gives its owners for further comfort and accessibility.

However, the Tesla Model Y will not be alone in the electric SUV market as other companies are also planning to release their own electric-powered SUV. Byton’s M-Byte and Porsche’s Macan may soon enter the electric SUV market within this year or the next.

Tesla Building
This company will now reveal the Model Y later this March. Pictured: The Tesla name is seen on the exterior of a dealership on January 03, 2019 in Miami, Florida. Tesla Inc. shares have fallen as the company reported fourth-quarter Model 3 deliveries just below estimates and said it would lower the price of its cars. Getty Images/Joe Raedle