Tesla recently released the new over-the-air update that allows car owners to use the Enhanced Summon feature. Through the vehicle’s autopilot system, the Tesla car can now find its owners in parking lots. Here’s what we know about this new feature.

According to CNBC, the Enhanced Summon feature is an extension of the Tesla’s Autopilot feature. This new feature helps Tesla owners have a more comfortable parking experience as it covers the smaller and sometimes difficult parts of the act.

When locating the Tesla car in the parking lot, owners can use the feature to start up the car and let it make its way to them. The car can also be parked far from the driver as it can still be operated through an app.

However, the new feature is still new and needs work, as seen in Going All Electric’s video. While the car does eventually find its owner, the car moves at a turtle’s pace, which makes waiting for the vehicle not feasible for people who want to get somewhere fast.

Moreover, the slow movement of the car’s autopilot might also cause light traffic as other cars will have to give way for the vehicle to take its parking spot or move out of the way.

In a statement to Electrek, Tesla noted that the Enhanced Summon feature should only be used in parking lots and driveways, not in public roads.

As of now, legislation and rules are softening up on driverless cars as features like Tesla’s autopilot system are showing up and becoming popular. If Tesla’s autopilot feature further grows, cars driving towards its owners in parking lots might become a normal sight.

The Tesla Enhanced Summon feature is only available for U.S. car owners. For the feature’s international release, Tesla has yet to reveal any information about that.

Tesla has also refrained from revealing more information about the new Enhanced Summon feature outside of its CEO Elon Musk’s posts on Twitter.

Potentially, this new feature may also be applicable to the new Tesla cars coming later this year. Near the end of the year, the four variants of the Tesla Model Y will be available.