Elon Musk’s Tesla pickup remains to be the most elusive yet highly popular vehicle to date. Despite having only an obscure teaser to work with in terms of what the pickup could actually look like, interest in the new electric utility vehicle has not wavered. 

Thanks to Musk’s thrilling description of the Tesla pickup when he described it as “cyberpunk,” Tesla fans, analysts and design enthusiasts have eagerly wondered what the new EV could actually look like, and some even produced concept designs that have made the waiting even more exciting. 

The concept design of Turkish designer Emere Husmen, for example, has started a slew of futuristic design renders that are truly impressive. It gives us a truck that’s so out-of-this-world that you truly feel that Tesla is bringing something very unique to the market.

We’ve also seen designs visualized by people like “Star Wars” designer Alex Jaeger, the senior visual effects art director and concept designer for Industrial Light and Magic who has worked in big sci-fi films like "Star Wars II" and even "Men In Black." And then there are those like Simone Giertz who took it one step further and “built” her own Tesla pickup by transforming her Model 3 into a working version of the utility vehicle. 

And now that we only have a few months to go before we finally get a glimpse of the Tesla pickup, unofficially regarded now as the Tesla Model B, we continue to discover new concept designs that excellently captures Musk’s very daring vision. 

The latest is a concept illustration by YouTube user Drivable Designs, who is known for his “automotive design news, drawings and design comparisons.” The artist shared that he created his Tesla pickup concept in just an hour using a pencil and crayons. 

The design is quite impressive and brought Musk’s cyberpunk vision to life. What’s interesting to note is that he imagined the pickup without the traditional silhouette that pickup trucks are known for. The windshield extends from the area of the headlights all the way to the top of the truck. Interestingly, the headlights mimic the Tesla logo. The truck bed is a bit short compared to conventional pickups, but it can still be functional for city use. 

The wheelbase is also not as high compared to the design concept of Husmen, but it does give the whole truck a perfectly good stance. The latest concept still looks futuristic but has enough traditional design touches that would prove appealing to more conservative consumers. 

If the real design is anywhere close to the concept, then it might solve Musk’s problem that the Tesla pickup might not appeal to everyone and that the company might need to come up with a more conventional design.  

The Tesla pickup is expected to launch before the end of the year.