For the past couple of months, we’ve seen various concept renders of Tesla’s much-anticipated pickup truck. 

Based on teasers and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s own statements, the Tesla pickup is going to be a design wonder and a serious piece of EV ingenuity. Musk described the Tesla pickup as "cyberpunk" and unlike any other vehicle in the market. It will also have some serious engine power and a massive towing capacity of around 300,000 pounds. 

This is probably why many have been inspired to come up with their own versions of the cyberpunk truck. The first few renders look truly amazing. Concept artist Emre Husmen’s design, for example, was conceptualized with considerable ground clearance and a massive body make. The artist based the headlights on the Model X’s front fascia, which is already quite modern to begin with.

Concept designer The Sketch Monkey, on the other hand, created a design by following the Tesla pickup teaser released during the launch of the Model Y. What he came up with is something that’s not as bold as Husmen’s design but still unique and obviously functional as what Musk intends it to be. 

YouTuber Simone Gertz didn’t just design what she believes the Tesla pickup would look like but went ahead and customized a Model 3 to create her own vehicle. 

Now, a new design is making the rounds in various Reddit chatgroups and the concept is worth considering. According to a report, a sketch created and posted by Reddit user u/greenfruit showcases a design that aligns quite nicely with Tesla’s design direction. 

The sketch is described to be “cab forward,” meaning the main cab takes up most of the vehicle with a significantly smaller bed at the back. The bed, however, looks exactly like what Musk teased during the Model Y reveal. The glass windows on the side look absolutely stunning while the all-glass roof gives it a very futuristic appeal. 

Some of the users commented that it’s the closest they can see the Tesla pickup would look like once it launches either late this year or next year.