The Tesla pickup truck is one of the most interesting vehicles of Elon Musk’s company today. And it’s not because of some groundbreaking features that can be found in the EV utility truck but because the automobile is already gathering phenomenal interest even if the vehicle is yet to be released. 

In fact, hours after the Tesla CEO revealed a few exciting details regarding the Tesla pickup in the podcast Ride the Lightning, Twitter data shows that Americans already prefer it or at the very least are more interested with it than the classic Ford F-150. The problem, however, is that we have very little information about the upcoming pickup truck. So when should we expect it to make its first appearance?

According to an earlier report from Inverse, Musk pegged the launch of the Tesla pickup sometime this summer. However, the timeline is still highly tentative pointing out that musk used the words “hope” and “hopefully” before giving the summer target. 

But looking at Tesla’s previous launch events, it seems that the EV company is actually known for releasing significant information during this period so it would actually make sense to expect something in the next few weeks. 

Tesla has been known for releasing news in unconventional ways. Aside from quarterly earnings calls to company shareholders, the company has used social media and media announcements extensively. In fact, the first Model 3 even rolled out in July of 2017 and even released its first over-the-air update to launch “Summon” exactly a year after. 

Musk also shared that he would be announcing the release of the Model Y in July last year while the company’s powerful new chip for self-driving was first made known to the public a month after. 

 Aside from Musk’s description of the Tesla pickup as a cyberpunk truck that won’t feel out of place in a Blade Runner movie, the utility vehicle will also have groundbreaking features such as the 300,000-pound towing capacity and the battery range that could run for 500 miles on a full charge. And with a price range of around $49,000 to $50,000 for a luxury vehicle, one would think that the Tesla pickup is too good a deal to pass up.

tesla FSD A view of a US automotive and energy company Tesla showroom and service center in Amsterdam on Oct. 14, 2018. Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images