Tesla has been noted to be leading against its electric car rivals as of the second quarter as of late. Reports note that Tesla is currently behind the competition when it comes to their car’s features and technology. Even so, Tesla is said to even have a ten year lead to the other companies.

As of late, an analyst thinks that Tesla is currently enjoying a massive lead against its competition. In an interview with Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates by allthingsev.info's Sean Mitchell, Tesla has been doing something right in making their own parts for their electric vehicles. When it comes to traditional car for making their electric cars, many parts of it are outsourced and absorbed into their technology.

Outsourcing does save time and effort to these companies but it comes at the price of innovation. Meanwhile, Tesla is praised by Munro & Associates as it uses electric car boards and systems way ahead of its rivals. The firm notes that Tesla is using Defense-grade technology as its boards have patterns akin to a fighter jet for their cars. The advantages of this technology have yet to be confirmed but Tesla is praised for its innovation.

While the company has better boards and technology, it definitely doesn’t have many advanced features as seen on other electric cars of their rivals. Tesla seems to be missing cars is missing windshield-based heads-up displays, steering wheel heaters, seat cooling technology, 360-view sensors for easier parallel parking, and self-closing trunks. Even without these feature

Aside from its technology advantage, many consumers lean toward Tesla not mainly because of its specs but because of its affordability and convenience. The Tesla Model 3 has low prices compared to their competition as the company is selling it is as one of its affordable choices. The company also has the most accessible network of Supercharger energy refilling stations which greatly help its owners travel without worrying about recharging.

By late 2019, Tesla will release the first set of the Model Y crossover SUVs. The car will also be an affordable vehicle from the company which consumers may want to take up again like the Model 3.

Tesla car battery
Pictured: US electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc. Battery Technology Director Kurt Kelty (R) introduces its premium electric Model S sedan's chassis and battery units during a press preview in Tokyo on August 30, 2012. AFP/GettyImages/Kazuhiro Nogi