• GM expects most Cadillac cars and SUVs to be all-electric vehicles by 2030.
  • Electric SUVs similar to the Escalade brand will be bunched under a new name
  • Cadillac expects record global sales for a second consecutive year

Cadillac cars and SUVs from General Motors are set for a bigger transformation with a majority of them sold globally will be all-electric vehicles by 2030.

Stating this, Cadillac President Steve Carlisle said the brand will start phasing out the current internal combustion model based on demand from the market.

In his view, the “inflection point for electric vehicles” will occur in the mid-2020s, CNBC reported.

“It’s the end of the ICE age for Cadillac,” Carlisle quipped referring to internal combustion engines during a media event in Detroit on Thursday.

Tesla faces tough competition

For Tesla, the pioneer in electric cars this will mean tough competition ahead from deep-pocketed incumbent legacy players. Tesla’s newly unveiled Cybertruck, hitting the market in 2021 will have bigger rivals in the Electric pickups of GM, Ford and Amazon backed Rivian, recent reports said.

Tesla’s much-awaited crossover Model Y will start delivery in the first quarter of 2020, according to a CNBC report.

Meanwhile, Cadillac will clock record global sales for a second consecutive year including first retail sales surge in the U.S. since 2013.

Global sales for Cadillac had been up 8.8 percent through the third quarter of this year despite a volatile market, per Carlisle.

Cadillac’s growth has been fuelled by the induction of several crossovers in the U.S and expansion in China market, making it Cadillac’s top market since 2017.

First Cadillac EV in 2021

According to reports, Cadillac will unveil its first all-electric vehicle in 2021. It will be in China first and later in the U.S., as GM plans to debut 20 new all-electric vehicles globally by 2023. Its crossover was previewed in January.

Carlisle also said a large electric SUV similar to the Escalade will be offered but under a different name.

Cadillac has also announced the next-generation Escalade, a gasoline-driven SUV. GM had recently unveiled Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban SUVs.

The redesigned 2021 Escalade will be the third vehicle to feature Cadillac’s Super Cruise driver-assist system similar to Tesla’s Autopilot system, the CNBC report said.

Meanwhile, reinforcing the impression that Chevrolet’s reform of shifting Corvette’s engine to the middle has been a success, Corvette General Motors North America President Barry Engle said the redesigned Corvette has been completely sold out for 2020.

Cadillacs on display at Republic Records Celebrates the GRAMMY Awards in Partnership with Cadillac, Ciroc and Barclays Center at Cadillac House on Jan. 26, 2018 in New York City. Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Republic Records

Although the recent UAW strike delayed the eighth-generation Corvette’s production, it is now expected to start next February.

Chevrolet may produce approximately 40,000 Corvettes at its Bowling Green factory in 2020 and hopes the next year will be the model’s best since 1984, per Fox News report.

The Corvette will offer a base price of $59,995 with pricey options extending to Coupe and convertible versions.