Previous reports revealed that Apple is steadily working on technology that can be used on foldable devices and, in effect, could actually be working on a foldable iPhone that may be released in the near future. Will there be a demand for it? Surveys reveal that there will be.

A recent survey conducted by banking company UBS revealed that U.S. consumers are willing to pay a premium of up to $600 over and above the actual cost of a regular iPhone just so they can get a foldable iPhone. Simply put, this means people will be willing to pay up to $1,700 for an Apple-branded foldable, considering the average price of an iPhone.

While some admit that they are willing to pay that much for a foldable smartphone from the Cupertino tech giant, a new survey reveals that not a lot of people share that sentiment.

General interest in foldable smartphones

According to a survey conducted by Civic Science, only 4% of nearly 1,800 survey respondents say they are “very interested” in buying a foldable smartphone. Twenty percent are “somewhat interested” in getting one for themselves, while a whopping 76%, on the other hand, are “not at all interested” in buying a foldable smartphone.

While those numbers may not be encouraging, it’s worth noting that they pertain to people’s interest in “foldable smartphones” in general, not “Apple-branded foldable smartphones.”

The survey, in fact, revealed that fewer people express an interest in the Galaxy Fold. Out of nearly 1,900 respondents, only 3% of are “very interested” to get the recalled device when Samsung releases it; only 12% are still “somewhat interested” in getting the device when it’s out in the public; and 85% of consumers aren’t interested in getting it.

Patently Apple noted that the disinterest in Samsung’s first foldable could be due to the troubles it faced months ago.

Interest among iPhone fans

The survey also revealed that people who own and like iPhones are also more likely to want a foldable smartphone. Out of more than 1,200 survey respondents, 42% of those who owned and liked iPhones in general also said they are interested in foldable smartphones.

Interestingly, 3% of respondents who expressed interest in foldable smartphones said they don’t own an iPhone but plan to get one soon. The survey simply revealed that there are more iPhone fans who want a foldable iPhone compared to those who don’t.

So, will those who are interested to see an Apple-branded foldable smartphone be will to see one in the future? Analysts believe that they will.

iphone xr big screen Pictured: General view of the Apple Covent Garden re-opening and iPhone XR launch at Apple store, Covent Garden on October 26, 2018 in London, England. Photo: Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson