Thousands of people marched from Ramallah to Jerusalem on Thursday night to protest Israel denying them entrance to Al-Aqsa mosque.
Protesters tried to enter the Qalandiya checkpoint and according to several reporters tweeting from the scene were met with live ammunition fired by Israeli security forces.
Al Mayadeen, an Arabic television station, attempted to stream the protest live on its website. The television station showed images of protesters hiding behind cement barricades, throwing rocks and what looked like fireworks at Israeli riot police. Young men carried those injured in the clashes away from the Qalandiya checkpoint gate where the fighting was taking place. Ambulances could be heard in the background.
Later in the broadcast, Al Mayadeen reported that at least two people had been killed and dozens injured.

The protest comes hours after at least 10 people were killed at a school used as a shelter in Beit Hanoun in Gaze and operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). 

Some Twitter users claimed Palestinian protesters fired first shot at riot police in Qalandiya.