"Titanfall" is available for $37 on Amazon today. Courtesy/Respawn

Want to play Respawn’s “Titanfall” but can’t afford the $60 price tag? The first-person shooter is available for $37 all day on Amazon across all platforms – the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, though the Xbox 360 version may take an additional 1-2 days to process.

The title launched March 11 and was the highest-selling game last month.

“Today, we congratulate our friends at Respawn Entertainment, and Electronic Arts, as ‘Titanfall’ for Xbox One was named the number one selling game in March, according to NPD Group figures released today,” said Xbox Corporate Vice President Yusuf Mehdi on the Xbox blog April 17. Mehdi also stated 5 million Xbox Ones had been sold-in to retailers since the console’s launch last year. “The new generation is off to a strong start, with global Xbox One sales outpacing Xbox 360 by more than 60 percent at the same point in time, a true testament to your love of console gaming,” he added.

Respawn Entertainment recently announced it was working on a number of updates that will positively impact the “Titanfall” experience. The Los Angeles-based company said it is developing a number of free improvements for the first-person shooter aimed at enhancing players' experience, including the ability to rename custom loadouts.

The first update will make "minor tweaks and fixes" to the current game, rather than adding new features. The second update will add "convenience features" while the third update will address "infrastructural features" such as custom Private Match options.

“As excited as we are to support the game, we're relatively new to the ethos of post-launch support," Steve Fukuda said on the game's official site last week. "My role as Game Director on Titanfall has been to keep a clear vision of the game, and to direct the game's development across all the disciplines.

"Now that we are transitioning from making the game to supporting it, one of the many things I want to improve is what I call our 'update tempo' - not just accelerating how often we update the game, but also improving our frequency and quality of communication about those updates with the community. The purpose of this blog is to keep you better appraised as to what we're up to, including the time between updates. You'll also hear from other devs on the team, giving you insight from a developer's perspective across a variety of disciplines.”

Respawn is also developing a new Burn Card set and “Titanfall” art that players can use to customize the identity of their Titan. New game modes and game mode variants are in the works.

“Our plans for supporting Titanfall are simple," Fukuda said. "We'll keep you better informed between updates, and we'll deliver free updates to you on a regular basis. We are constantly tweaking our support plans in response to your feedback, and although we cannot promise everything requested will go through, we are listening.”

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