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Medicines for HIV-positive patents are seen at a Medecins Sans Frontieres-Holland (AZG)'s clinic in Yangon February 21, 2012.

Progress, No Big Breakthrough, in Hunt for HIV Cure

Scientists, stymied for decades by the complexity of the human immunodeficiency virus, are making progress on several fronts in the search for a cure for HIV infections, a leading medical research conference was told this week in Seattle.

'The Announcement': How Magic Johnson Deals With HIV/AIDS 20 Years Later

Today, 52-year-old Earvin Magic Johnson still wears a big smile everywhere he goes. But if you didn't already know that Johnson shook the world 20 years ago when he announced he had contracted the HIV virus, you would never believe -- just by looking at him -- that he still struggles with the disease today.
Republicans Slam Obama Despite Positive February Jobs Report

Obama's Transgender Ex-Nanny Living in Fear in Indonesian Slum: 'I Didn't Want To Die'

Before he became president, Barry Obama was an eight-year-old boy living in Indonesia under the care of Evie, a transgender woman in Jakarta. Today, his ex-nanny is forced to hide her identity to avoid being beaten or killed, and her powerful story sheds a light on the abuse suffered by the transgender community at the hands of orthodox Muslims in Indonesia.

GCB Disappoints and Offends

Full of big hair, big jewelry and big personalities, GCB is stirring up trouble in the Christian community.
Sexually transmitted diseases are also on the rise, it added, a particular concern as AIDS is now mostly spread in China through sexual intercourse. China hopes to tackle these issues partly through a large increase in condom use, the government said.

China to Promote Condoms to Cap HIV, AIDS Cases

China hopes to cap the number of people living with HIV/AIDS at 1.2 million by 2015, up from around 780,000 at present, partly by promoting increased condom use, the government said in an action plan released on Wednesday.


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