What is Kombucha Tea? Reported Benefits and Dangers of the Fermented Drink

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A fermented concoction made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeasts might not sound like the most delicious or most beneficial drink, but some believe that is exactly what Kombucha tea is. Some have called it a magical elixir; some have dubbed it the new Red Bull only with healthful properties; some claim it can fight everything from baldness to AIDS. However, other sources cite adverse side effects of and deaths linked to the drink.
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Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Is Gay: 6 More Celebrities Who Came Out In 2011-2012 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

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Henrique Capriles Radonski

Venezuela Presidential Election: Is Rise of Henrique Capriles a Warning Sign for Hugo Chávez?

Henrique Capriles Radonski, Governor of Miranda state, has won the opposition nomination to fight the incumbent socialist President Hugo Chávez in the October presidential elections in Venezuela. Capriles, 39, has swept the opposition primaries, defeating four of his opponents with huge margins. His one-sided victory in the primaries is seen as a warning sign to President Chavez who is looking forward to winning a third six-year term as Venezuelan President.
The Gates Foundation Co-Chairs

Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Opens $15 Million Visitor Center at his Foundation's Seattle Campus [PHOTOS]

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates opened a new $15 million visitor center at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Seattle campus Feb. 4, and now that construction is finished, the software titan can focus on his foundation's goals. That means helping people all over the world gain access to medicine and immunizations, helping small farmers in Africa and, of course, improving access to technology.
A worker 'fogs' in the public area of a private condominium in Singapore, May 24, 2006.

Malaria Kills Twice as Many as Thought: Study

Malaria kills more than 1.2 million people worldwide a year, nearly twice as many as previously thought, according to new research published on Friday that questions years of assumptions about the mosquito-borne disease.
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Big Pharma Donates Drugs for Neglected Diseases

The world's major pharmaceutical companies joined forces with governments and leading global health organizations Monday to donate drugs and scientific know-how to help control or wipe out 10 neglected tropical diseases by 2020.


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