Was Plane's Radical Makeover Behind Reno Crash?

New investigations reveal that the World War II-era plane that crashed at the Reno Air Race show Friday, killing nine people, had undergone a radical makeover to increase its speed at the cost of stability.

Reno Air Crash Video: Three Killed, 'Mass Casualties' Reported

Friends of an air racer and movie stunt pilot whose plane crashed into the edge of the grandstand at a Reno, Nevada air show Friday night said the pilot, Jimmy Leeward, 74, of Ocala, Fla., was a skilled airman and member of a tight-knit flying community.


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Red Arrow Pilot's Crash Mystery

The cause of the tragic air crash that killed Red Arrows pilot Jon Egging could be a bird hitting the aircraft says RAF officer.
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Wingwalker Dies After Fall at Michigan Air Show

A wingwalker at an air show near Detroit fell to his death on Sunday, after he tried to transfer from an aircraft to a helicopter and plunged about 200 feet to the ground, officials said.