Amy Winehouse Posthumous Album With A Dozen Songs Speculated

At least a dozen 'never heard' songs by Amy Winehouse could be released this year, according to Chris Goodman, a spokesman close to the Winehouse family of the late 'Back To Black' singer and songwriter. The songs are said to be "personal and autobiographical."

Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" back on Billboard's Top 10

Amy Winehouse's music was said to be a big influence on Adele's. And for at least one week, these two British neo-soul sisters get to share the top 10, as Winehouse reentered the Billboard album sales chart at No. 9, while the indomitable Adele moved back up into the top position.

Amy Winehouse Dead, Body to be Cremated [VIDEO]

Amy Winehouse will be cremated after her funeral service in north London. The Winehouse family held a private funeral service for the British singer on Tuesday where on close friends and family were invited.

Amy Winehouse sales spike after her death

Thousands of Amy Winehouse fans went to "Rehab" in the United States for a fresh listen to the British songstress who died late last week, according to figures released on Tuesday.


Mitch Winehouse, the father of deceased British singer Amy Winehouse, arrives at Golders Green Crematorium in London

Amy Winehouse Death, Foundation Created in Her Name

The death of Amy Winehouse has sparked not only international bereavement, but a philanthropic opportunity. Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, announced plans at her funeral Tuesday to create a foundation in her name aimed for children and drug addicts.
Lady gaga

Amy Winehouse Dead, Lady Gaga Speaks

"I loved her and I just remember feeling like I wasn't alone because she was so different and she was so special. It's really devastating and I think it's a lesson to the world: Don't kill the superstar. Take care of her. Take care of her soul," Lady Gaga said.