One Direction Meme #1

Is One Direction Gay? New ?Gay Direction? Meme Takes Over Twitter [PICTURES]

One of the latest sensations to bring the classic boy-band trend back, One Direction, has taken the pop world by storm. The five-piece music group, a result of Simon Cowell?s creation, became the first British band to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Move over Justin Bieber, it looks like there?s some competition for pre-teen female affections.

?Mass Effect 3? Ending: Protesters Funding 'M&M Campaign' To Encourage Bioware To Change Ending

‘Mass Effect 3’ Ending: Protesters Funding 'M&M Campaign' To Encourage Bioware To Change Ending
Gamers, fans and videogame fanatics are hard at work planning their latest protest intended to encourage Bioware to change the ending the Mass Effect 3, which many players felt failed to live up to the high standard set by the game developers in series' previous installments. The latest protest involves sending a series of packages with M&Ms displaying personalized messages to Bioware's offices in order to encourage them to change the game's ending.
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Florence Colgate: The World's Most Beautiful Face, Deemed Mathematically Perfect [PHOTOS]

An 18-year-old woman has been dubbed Britain's most beautiful face, with her well-proportioned features, even said to be the world's most beautiful. In a quest to find the perfect face in the England, New-York based Lorraine Cosmetics reviewed thousands before deciding on blonde beauty Florence Colgate. Entrants to the competition, titled Lorraine: Naked, were judged make-up free and were required not to have undergone any form of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Click here to...
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Coachella 2012: Full Lineup Plus Where To Live Stream Music Festival Online

Music fans are ready to rock for the next two weekends as Coachella 2012 returns to California's Mojave Desert on Friday. With a stacked lineup of 143 bands and tens of thousands of attendees expected, Coachella will be music's biggest event of the year. Check out the full lineup list plus set times along with information on how to watch a live stream of the shows on YouTube.

What Is Viralism? An Inquiry Into Culture's Battle For Digital Space

As the digital age reaches the dormant stage of social adaptation, having left its mark on the daily process of culture at large, can we add viralism or another digitally referential marker to our collective art discourse? Moreover, is viral a relevant -- let alone acceptable -- aesthetic stance?
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Twitter Turns 6: What Next?

On Wednesday, March 21, Twitter celebrated its sixth anniversary. A company announcement on its blog reports more than 140 million active users who send roughly 340 million tweets each day. Just two months ago, in January, Twitter said 250 million tweets are being sent out every day, which means a whopping increase of 36 percent in such a short time.


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