R.I.P Chingy became a trending topic on Twitter Tuesday, with rumors of the American rapper's death upsetting and confusing fans worldwide.

The rumors, however, were slammed and it boiled down to being just another one of Twitter's infamous death hoaxes. So far, there is no official report confirming the rap star's death.

The rumor, it seems, was started by a Twitter user @BlackStewie, who posted a tweet late Monday night saying, RIP Chingy where is he over thurr? right thurrrr? Lebron ain't got no hurrrr.

This apparently set off a trail of tweets from fans. Many were genuinely anxious about the singer. There were several tweets confirming his death, saying that the singer's body was found at the Holiday Inn. For those unaware of Chingy's discography, Holiday Inn is also the name of the single released by the rapper in 2003. Several users, on the other hand, trashed the reports, saying it was Chingy's career that had died instead.

Born Howard Bailey, Chingy shot to fame with his Right Thurr summer hit which made it to the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2003. The 32-year-old rapper had also tried his hand at acting, when he debuted in the TV comedy series My Wife and Kids. Although the singer has released several singles in the past decade, most of them didn't appear on the charts and his musical career was considered doomed.

Lately, Twitter users are enraged with the trail of celebrity death hoaxes that have been trending on the micro-blogging site.

Some of the tweets on Chingy's death rumor read:

-RIP Chingy They found his body just chilling at the Holiday Inn...

-RIP Chingy is trending when the dude died years ago from a massive wasp infection

-RIP Chingy in trending on twitter guess where they found his body?.........chillin at the holiday inn

-RIP Chingy?? This is why you don't stay at the Holiday Inn.

-RIP Chingy, he aint die, just his career

-RIP Chingy? Dang he was still alive?

-RIP CHINGY ....I'LL be chill'n at a holiday inn this weekend in your honor...

-I guess Twitter wants to make #RIPChingy trend, so they can make him relevent again. Quit killing people, Twitter.

-saw that #RIPCHINGY was trending and my heart sank...glad its not true, dude had a major influence on my high school years lol