Cloud computing

Dell Facing Challenge from Tablets, Cloud

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) has longer-term disadvantages in a tablet and cloud world as Dell is not focused on tablets and is well behind Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ) in developing a full cloud stack, Jefferies said in a note to clients.

Why Apple is not announcing iPhone 5

Not a single day passes without a new rumor regarding the launch date of Apple's next generation iPhone. Apple fans are not exactly pleased at the long silence from Apple, but apparently the company is only safe-guarding its business interests. Since the sales of their existing iPhone isn't slowing down, it is logical to think that Apple would want to wait and get the most out of iPhone 4.

Apple iCloud to be iPopular

Apple Inc. has joined the race in offering cloud computing services along with Google Inc., and Microsoft Corp. Apple's iCloud service are intended to be used by 76 percent of iPhone users, according to a RBC Capital Markets survey.

Cloud Shootout: iCloud vs Google Music Beta digital locker vs Amazon Cloud Drive vs Microsoft Sky Drive

Technology giant Apple’s one-stop cloud-based photo, video, music and data back up and push out service iCloud has generated a lot of interest and Apple has even held back the launch of its new MacBook Air and other products so that it could bundle iCloud with all future product launches. But does iCloud have what it takes to beat Google Music Beta digital locker, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive?

Washington's First CIO, Vivek Kundra to Resign in Mid August

The United States' first chief information officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra, 36, will resign and leave the Obama administration in middle of August, according to the White House. After resignation he plans to take on a fellowship post at Harvard University.

White House's first chief information officer to leave

Vivek Kundra , who is the White House's first chief information officer and was the key leader in his administration's effort to streamline the federal government's massive IT infrastructure is leaving in August for a fellowship at Harvard.

Nearly 28 pct American firms using cloud computing

Illinois based computer hardware and software supplier, in a poll conducted last month, confirmed that nearly 28 percent of all US organizations are using cloud computing and another 73 percent reported that their first access to cloud was through a single cloud application

Why people would love iCloud despite data vulnerability fears

Big day for Apple and therefore for the rest of the world! People were happy watching frail looking Steve Jobs introduce a host of services, and one among the audience even shouted to the Apple CEO: We love you to which he responded that it helps. As the user reviews poured in following the WWDC, people appeared to be in love with Apple's ideas. But industry experts, rival corporations, music industry insiders and legal experts seem to have qualms about the possible implicati...

3 Reasons why Apple iCloud is not great?

Apple for a change has turned its back on its secretive ways and has openly confessed, prior to its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), that it will be launching its highly anticipated cloud offering- iCloud.

5 reasons Why Google Chromebooks Will Fail

While many are heralding the entry of Chromebooks as the next game changer cynics have a question or two about Google's strategy behind its light-weight, browser-based Chrome OS.