Cloud computing

'You've tarnished Apple's reputation': Jobs told MobileMe team

Rumors have been circulating about the possible launch of a redesigned, and more importantly free, MobileMe service, but no one has forgotten the uneasy days when the service was launched in 2008. The launch of the revamped MobileMe, which was essentially an upgrade of a pre-existing service called .Mac, had invited disappointing media review, promoting Jobs to sternly castigate the product executives.

What HP's Leo Apotheker May Say Next Week?

Léo Apotheker, the Chief Executive Officer of PC giant Hewlett-Packard, is expected to hold an investor briefing in San Francisco where he may unveil his much anticipated vision for HP.

IBM Analyst Day Likely to Focus on 2015 Roadmap

IBM would be hosting its Analyst Day today at its Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York at 10 am EST that is likely to focus on 2015 roadmap, according to Barclays Capital.

Federal IT Budget Backs Growth in Cloud Plays

U.S. President Barack Obama's proposed 2012 Federal budget included proposals to improve the inefficiencies in government data centers. The budget outlines the adoption of cloud-computing and virtualization technologies to lower IT spending costs and increase agility.

MPAA warns Google on infringement notices

Google stands the risk of being disconnected from its primary source of bread and butter, the internet, if there is any bite to Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA) warning that chides Google for copyright infringement.