Exports Overstated by $9 Billion, Says Indian Government

RBI Rate Decision Pressures Delhi For Fiscal Action

The surprise decision Monday by the Reserve Bank of India to hold its interest rate steady because of inflation concerns puts fresh pressure on the ruling Congress Party to find a fiscal solution to the country's flagging economy.
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Dimon Says JPMorgan's Actions 'Violated Common Sense'

JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) Chairman Jamie Dimon floated unscathed through a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee meant to examine what happened inside his banking behemoth earlier in the year, when a massive bet on the credit-default swaps derivatives market reportedly meant to 'hedge' other bank risks went sour, resulting in multibillionaire losses.
 A voter exits a voting booth after casting her ballot in Wilmington

Florida County Supervisors Resist Voter Purge

Florida election supervisors are refusing to go forward with a purge of non-citizen voters from the rolls, removing themselves from an escalating fight between the state and the Obama administration.
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U.S. Administration Ready For Health Ruling: Sebelius

Sebelius said the administration remains confident and optimistic that the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will be upheld as constitutional -- but if the ruling proves unfavorable, she added that we'll be ready for court contingencies.


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