Mars Mission Reality Show: Pipe Dream Or Scam?

Dutch company Mars One has been making the rounds with its dreams of putting on a reality TV show to select astronauts for a one-way journey to the Red Planet. But the company is vague on how people will be transported to and live on Mars.

Transit Of Venus 2012: How, Where To Watch Rare Solar Event

The rare Transit of Venus will come to the United States Tuesday, as the second planet in the solar system will pass in front of the sun as it sets. The event occurs only once every century, so it's best to prepare ahead of time. Here's how.

Property Rights In Space Still Unclear

The rise of private space companies and foreign space programs, combined with an interest in lunar mining, is likely to bring the issue of extraterrestrial property rights into focus in the next few decades.

When And Where To Watch The 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse

A spectacular solar eclipse, dubbed the ring of fire, will be visible to people in certain parts of the world Sunday night and Monday morning -- depending on location -- but live broadcasts will make it available to anyone with an Internet connection.