Hubble Space Telescope Turns 22: Five Facts You May Not Know, Astonishing Pictures Through The Years [VIDEO]

On April 24th, the Hubble Space Telescope celebrated its 22nd birthday, marking more than a decade of cosmic discoveries and insights. The iconic telescope launched on April 24th in 1990 on the Space Shuttle ?Discovery,? and was the largest and most sensitive optical-light telescope ever launched into space. Over the course of 22 years, the device has produced some of the most amazing astronomical images the world has seen.

Planetary Resources: Mysterious Company Funded By James Cameron And Google Billionaires Could Be Into Asteroid Mining

Filmmaker James Cameron seems quite busy these days with his efforts to explore the unexplored. After making a successful dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on Earth, the Titanic-maker has now joined hands with Google executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt in backing Planetary Resources, a mysterious company that promises to help ensure humanity's prosperity.


Mars Monolith

Mars Monolith: Is The Object On The Red Planet A Sign From Aliens?

A perfectly rectangular structure was discovered on Mars after amateur space enthusiasts investigated NASA pictures of the Red Planet. Based on the picture, the Mars monolith bears a resemblance to the monoliths left on Earth and the moon in the Stanley Kubrick classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Valle de la the Muerte and Valle de la Luna

Chile’s Atacama Desert: Touring The Driest Place On Earth

Chile's Atacama Desert is a place of constant change. Steamy days give way to harsh nights, desert sands give way to sweeping salt flats, and, at any given time of day, the landscape could transform from dove-white to tan, coral, peach, mauve, and indigo. Who knew the driest place on Earth could be so alive?